GLI—The means

Education: the GLI will identify educational needs and conduct educational activities in partnership with international trade union organizations, the IFWEA and its members, or with specialized services like, for example, Labour Telematics. As soon as resources permit, it will organize a summer school for the international trade union movement. Other projects under consideration are: the establishment of an International Labour University; youth camps/seminars; an international trade union lending library; exploring the potential of information technology for trade unions.

Research: the GLI will conduct research into a variety of issues consistent with the tasks described above.

Publications: The GLI will publish brochures or other publications, on its own or under contract and in partnership with other labour organizations, including education materials, short histories for popular audiences, studies and reports on specific issues.

Meetings: the GLI will organize different meetings (small informal meetings, seminars, conferences) consistent with the tasks described above.

Networking: the GLI will connect to institutions with similar or closely related activities to develop opportunities for synergy; it will become part of a network (or contribute to creating one where necessary) of trade unionists, authors, journalists and political activists working on the same issues; it will participate in trade union initiatives consistent with its objectives. The purpose of this activity would be to contribute to a collective effort to develop a program of action to meet the economic, social and political objectives of the labour movement and of its allies.