Labour’s Alternative – Edo Fimmen

Labour's Alternative

Preface 1924: (A.A. Purcell)
Preface 2006: Edo Fimmen & “Labour’s Alternative” (Dan Gallin, 2006)
Introduction:The United States of Europe or Europe Limited (Dan Gallin)
Edo Fimmen (Sigvard Nyström)
Ch. 1: The Concentration of Capital and Its Causes
Ch. 2: The Internationalisation of Capitalist Interests
Ch. 3: The Dwindling of Competition in the World Market
Ch. 4: The Dangers that Beset the Working Class
Ch. 5: The Need for the International Organisation of the Struggle
Edo Fimmen – Internationalist Pioneer: Further reading

The Labor Movement in JapanSen Katayama

The Labour Movement in Japan

Foreword 2006 (Dan Gallin)
Preface 1918 (Sen Katayama)
Introduction 1918 (Louis C. Fraina)
Ch.1: Background
Ch.2: A period of success
Ch.3: Socialism a popular topic
Ch.4: The socialist movement & the Russo-Japanese war
Ch.5: The socialist party and its activities
Ch.6: Suppression and revolt of socialists in Japan
Ch.7: The Marxian socialist group

The Coca-Cola Guatemala Campaign 1979-1981 IUF-UITA-IUL

Coca Cola Guatemala Campaign 1979-1981

The early years 1976–1980
Boycott Coca-Cola
The next round 1984–1985
The unarmed fortress
Epilogue 1987