Egypt: CTUWS Website

The Center for Trade Union and Worker Services (CTUWS)
has launched its website
After it was upgraded so that you can get to introduced to CTUWS closely.. You can follow its activities, view its publications and interact with its campaigns and its stands.
On its website CTUWS is trying to open a window onto the Egyptian labour movement and highlight its events, presenting their news and presenting its issues and dilemmas with the hope of developing its services to meet more labour needs.
On its website, CTUWS seeks to follow the developments on the labour field and monitor the conditions of workers in Egypt in relation to the basic rights of labour and the established criteria.
On its website, CTUWS targets those concerned with the labour movement and to attract wider circles to its news and to researching its issues and dilemmas
On its page CTUWS invites you to a continuous meeting hoping for your live interaction and ready to receive your opinions and suggestions.
CTUWS invites you to visit its website.
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The Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services (CTUWS) – Honored the French Republic’s Human Rights Prize- is an Egyptian non-governmental organization established in March 1990 by some labor leaders and activists guided by their experience in the Egyptian labor movement. They vowed to meet the urgent need to form an independent organization that advances and supports the needs of workers in a democratic manner, provide direct support and services to the workers and fill the void created by the “official” trade union organization which failed to achieve its fundamental obligations.
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